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In geology Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from compacted limestone rocks subjected to high temperatures and pressures, achieving a high degree of crystallization.


Granites are usually formed from magma formidable amounts totaling the Earth's crust due to the different density with respect to the surrounding material. Depending on the circumstances of solidification and pollution suffered, granite can have various colors and patterns.


Melamine Hydrophobic
Is a board composed of wood particles bonded and impregnated with urea formaldehyde resins, hot pressing. For structural strength and completely smooth sides, ideal for decorative finishes and coated structural support for general use. Available in waterproof material resistant to moisture. For the manufacture of decorative boards, decks, furniture and various structures. In water-resistant material is ideal for furniture that is in humid environments like kitchens and bathroom furniture.

Thermoforming is a process of shaping a plastic film by heat (120 ° C to 180 º C) and vacuum (600 to 760 mmHg) using a mold or matrix (wood, epoxy or aluminum). Excessive temperature can "melt" blade and the lack of heat or a poor quality vacuum incur a defective part and no sharp details. Unlike other processes such as injection, blow molding and rotational molding, thermoforming part of a rigid sheet of uniform thickness by the extrusion process, and allows small productions for its low cost tooling becoming profitable in high yields as well. The materials used are PAI, PP, PSI, PET, ABS, HDPE, can also be thermoformed PVC.2 foamed PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, etc..


Although the process has many variants that will be described later, we can distinguish three main stages of the process, they are: Warming of the semi, either by radiation, contact or convention. Molding of semi-finished hot stretch that after adapting to the mold by means of different processes (pressure, vacuum, pressure and vacuum or countermould). Cooling of the product, which begins when the thermoplastic comes in cash with the cold mold and ends when the appropriate temperature for demolding without deforming the part.

The polyurethane (PUR) is a polymer obtained by condensation of di-hydroxyl base combined with diisocyanates. Polyurethanes are classified into two groups, defined by their chemical structure, differentiated by their behavior in the temperature. This way they can be of two types: thermosets or thermoplastics (thermoplastic polyurethane, depending on whether degraded before flowing or flow before degrading, respectively). Polyurethanes are the most common thermoset foams, widely used as insulation and as resilient foam. Among the most common thermoplastic polyurethanes include those used in elastomers, adhesives, high-performance sealants, paints, textiles, sealants, packaging, gaskets, condoms, automotive components in the construction industry, furniture and many other applications. It is customary combination with pigments such as carbon black and other.

Synthetic or Cultured Marble Granite
Also referred to as cast polymer, is a mixture of high-strength resin, which allows you to sink or sink mold making one piece without worrying about any type of filtration and giving prominence to your kitchen or bathroom.


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