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Furniture The Robert has a tradition of more than 30 years in the person of its founder, Mr. Danny Ramirez, who began as a cabinetmaker in his native Dominican Republic in the workshops of the armed forces. At first Mr. Danny wanted to enter architecture, but in that he learned about the nobility of the woodwork found his true calling, which has accompanied him to this day.


Besides working for prestigious shops in the Dominican Republic, also we have in our portfolio companies to large national and Rosand and Fraishe perfumery chain..

In addition to the kitchen cabinets, our services include the manufacture of closets, Furniture, bathrooms and wood carving offering great quality and elegance in our work. .


Furniture Robert translates the wishes, ideas and needs of its customers, giving them shape, supported by the endless creativity that comes from the constant search for aesthetic trends, and fresh proposals with new products, shapes, colors that blend and become in unique furniture of the highest quality that provides efficient solutions for any space.


If you're close to getting married or if you're starting to decorate your home, furniture The Robert can help you, because we specialize in creating spaces that meet the requirements of both yours and your partner, taking into account their tastes, lifestyles, hobbies, activities, personality, etc.. And get your orders to a team of professional interior decorating a personalized treat every need, and a group of designers who translate their needs into a comprehensive decorating project, and interactively are shaping your dreams.


Robert does not manufacture furniture The furniture, made dreams, and gives them form through specialized hands of carpenters, and a whole team who together her best skills for the outcome, are products of the highest quality, with a great sense of functionality, aesthetics, modernity, style and personality.


In Harmony with the Environment

The global environment increasingly evident, further deterioration due to the indiscriminate use of natural resources and the insufficient attention given to addressing the negative effects this has on living things, including human populations.


Furniture is why you are interested in the Robert convey a new concept of environment, which should cover the social, cultural and physical environment in which living things evolve as people interact, adapt, and transform their environment to meet their needs..


The raw material we use comes from forests and places with a high and strict environmental controls to prevent further deforestation, toxic wastes that are deposited in special containers to prevent contamination of natural, so we work for sustainable development and realize the environmental education for the culture of society.



Welcome to our website where you can find all the information you need about our services, and visit our extensive gallery with over 130 photographs of our work and our showroom


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